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National Organizations:                                                                    

The ACEC is the voice of America's engineering industry.  Council members - more than 5,000 firms representing more than 500,000 employees throughout the country - are engaged in a wide range of engineering works that propel the Nation's economy and enhance and safeguard America's quality of life.
The APA is a nonprofit education and membership organization dedicated to advancing the art, science and profession of good planning - physical, economic and social - to create communities that offer better choices for where and how people work and live.
American Rivers is the leading organization working to protect and restore the nation's rivers and streams.  Rivers connect us to each other, nature, and future generations.  Since 1973, American Rivers has fought to preserve these connections, helping protect and restore more than 150,000 miles of rivers through advocacy efforts, on the ground projects and the annual release of "America's Most Endangered Rivers".
Founded in 1964, the AWRA is a non-profit professional association dedicated to the advancement of men and women in water resources management, research, and education.
The Association of State Dam Safety Officials mission is to advance and improve the safety of dams by supporting the dam safety community and state dam safety programs, raising awareness of dam safety issues, facilitating cooperation, providing a forum for the exchange of information, representing dam safety interests before governments, providing outreach programs and creating a unified community of dam safety advocates.
The Association of State Floodplain Managers is an organization of professionals involved in floodplain management, flood hazard mitigation, the National Flood Insurance Program, and flood preparedness, warning and recovery. ASFPM has become a respected voice in floodplain management practice and policy in the United States because it represents the flood hazard specialists of local, state and federal government, the research community, the insurance industry, and the fields of engineering, hydrologic forecasting, emergency response, water resources, and others.
Formed in 1984 to address a growing need for state administrators to have National representation, ASDWA has become a respected voice for state primacy agents with Congress, the US Environmental Protection Agency and other professional organizations. 
The Association of State Wetland Managers is a non-profit membership originally established in 1983 to promote and enhance protection and management of wetland resources, to promote application of sound science to wetland management efforts and to provide training and education for our members and the public. 
Established in 1970 to represent the coastal states, commonwealths and territories on legislative and policy issues relating to sound management of coastal, Great Lakes and ocean resources.
The ICC is a member focused association dedicated to helping the building safety community and construction industry provide safe, sustainable and affordable construction through the development of codes and standards used in the design, build and compliance process.
The IECA is a non-profit, member organization that provides education, resource information and business opportunities for professionals in the erosion and sediment control industry.
ICWP is the National organization of state and regional water resource management agencies.  As such, it provides a means for its members to exchange information, ideas, and experience and to work with federal agencies which share water management responsibilites.
The NAFSMA is an organization of public agencies whose function is the protection of lives, property and economic activity from the adverse impacts of storm and flood waters.  The mission is to advocate public policy, encourage technologies and conduct education programs which facilitate and enhance the achievement of the public service function of its members.
The NFDA is a non-profit organization comprised of companies that make, distribute or have vested interest in flood zone determinations.  It's mission is to promote the common interests of stakeholders involved with flood risk information through education, industry standards, and collaborative approach to legislative issues.
The NHWC is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting emergency and environmental management officials by providing expert advice on the use of real-time, high quality hydrologic information from automated remote data systems, with the goal of protecting lives, property and the environment.
The mission of the NHMA is to be a catalyst for societal change by elevating the value of hazard mitigation so that the natural hazards do not cause disasters and suffering and misery to people, property, the environment and taxpayers.  NHMA promotes education, policies and activities that mitigate current and future loss, cost and human suffering unnecessarily caused by unwise development practices without regard to natural hazards.
The mission of Restore America's Estuaries is to preserve the Nation's network of estuaries by protecting and restoring the lands and waters essential to their richness and diversity of coastal life.