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Post Disaster Inspection: Quick Bites


This module covers important concepts of Substantial Damage determinations and provides general guidance on the inspection process, sources of Unit Cost data, determining building values, and considerations when using the Substantial Damage Estimator (SDE) Tool. It is part of the FEMA SDE Training Series 
Video Length: 8 Minutes 11 Seconds

Post Disaster Inspection: Deep Dives

FEMA Substantial Damage ESTIMATOR Training Series

This 10 module series covers the process for Substantial Damage Estimations including SDE basics, the SDE Tool 3.0 software, percent damage estimations, and community considerations pre- and post-disaster.

SDE Module 1 - Purpose of the SDE tool

Video Length: 16 Minutes 39 Seconds

View the whole series here
Series Length: Approximately 2.5 Hours

Substantial Improvement & Substantial Damage

Introduction to Substantial Improvement and Substantial Damage (SI/SD) concepts, calculation, and regulatory requirements under the NFIP. By FEMA Region II for New York State.
Video Length: 28 minutes

Post DISASTER Inspection Tools

FEMA P-758, Substantial Improvement/Substantial Damage Desk Reference


FEMA Substantially Improved/Substantially Damaged Desk Reference (2010). Local floodplain management regulations and codes contain minimum NFIP requirements that apply not only to new structures, but also to existing structures which are “substantially improved (SI)” or “substantially damaged (SD).” This Desk Reference provides practical guidance and suggested procedures to implement the NFIP requirements for SI/SD.



Substantial Damage Estimator (SDE) Tool (2017). FEMA developed the SDE tool to assist State and local officials in estimating Substantial Damage for residential and non-residential structures in accordance with the requirements of the NFIP. The tool can be used to assess flood, wind, wildfire, seismic, and other forms of damage.

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Post DISASTER Inspection Resources

Argh! I just flooded! Now what? – NYS DEC & FEMA

This After-the-Flood Quick Guide is a tool to help NYS residents navigate recovery from flooding and access essential resources following a flood event: 1 – Returning Home After the Flood. 2 – Now What? 3 – Make Sure it Doesn’t Happen Again. 

NYS After-the-Flood Quick Guide

FEMA 213, Answers to questions about substantially improved/substantially damaged Buildings

FEMA Answers to Questions about SI/SD Buildings (2018). Provides guidance for many concerns regarding Substantial Improvement (SI) and Substantial Damage (SD) of buildings in Special Flood Hazard Areas. The publication answers questions about pertinent definitions and regulations and some general questions about SI/SD and determining when buildings are Substantially Improved or have incurred Substantial Damage.


Post-Disaster Toolkit for floodplain administrators

Florida Post-Disaster Toolkit for Floodplain Administrators (2020). This Toolkit serves as a guide for Floodplain Administrators, Building Officials, and Emergency Managers and others to prepare for and respond to flood damage, whether frequent or rare events.